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About Us

River LA, formerly the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation, is a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure the 51-mile Los Angeles River integrates design and infrastructure to bring people, water and nature together. We champion river-oriented policy and sustainable public spaces, while creating innovative models for community benefit and participation.  


The Los Angeles River is at the heart of a healthy, vibrant and resilient region we all deserve.


We integrate design and infrastructure to bring people, water and nature together along all 51-miles of the Los Angeles River. 


 We work to improve the quality of life for Angelenos in four key areas:

  • Create social and economic value along the L.A. River;
  • Connect neighborhoods to the L.A. River and accelerate the corridor’s role as an alternative transport route;
  • Bring people to the L.A. River for recreation, learning, and public engagements;
  • Enhance the river channel and advance habitat restoration by incorporating green infrastructure improvements.

We can enhance the quality of life in a city hungry for green space and strengthen communities by restoring the LA River to a vibrant green corridor that people from throughout the country will want to visit and enjoy.

Help us create the city where you want to live. Enjoy the LA River. Join Us.

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