Allison Starcher, Events Curator - River LA

Allison Starcher - Events Curator

Raised with the Santa Monica Mountains as her backyard and facing the Pacific Ocean, Allison's interest in exploring the outdoors has grown to a passion throughout the years. As an avid gardener, she understands that water brings life and that a healthy LA River can literally and figuratively infuse vitality along its 51-mile path. She brings her background as manager of large scale Art Shows for the past 8 years and her interest in River LA's mission to help engage the public and to curate events that will allow a range of interested supporters to experience the river and contribute to its transformation.

Allison has always been drawn to spending time outdoors and exploring city, state, and national parks. River LA's goal to revitalize the LA River and increase access for residents and visitors dovetails perfectly with her personal and professional interest in improving her hometown.

Most of her free time is spent in public parks, playing tennis, hiking, biking, or playing with her Jack Russell Terriers. The rest is spent drawing, cooking and gardening.

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