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Thanks to You || 2017 Impact Report

It can be so easy to get lost in this work. Much like other aspects of life, the to-do lists, meetings, and ever-changing work keeps us on our toes and moving forward, sometimes too quickly. It’s important though, that we hit pause every now and again, to assess what we’ve accomplished and celebrate our collective victories.

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LA River and Climate Change: The Infrastructure Risk and Needs

For many, talking about infrastructure is as painful as sitting in the traffic bad infrastructure creates. (Hah, amiright?)

Screen_Shot_2017-10-23_at_3.47.27_PM.pngUnless you’re a self declared data nerd like we are, thinking about infrastructure isn’t particularly interesting, even when it is failing. This is the problem, though, as infrastructure is integral  to supporting healthy, vibrant, and resilient communities.Economic growth, education, services, and more all depend on smart, reliable infrastructure. Just like a home or an apartment, good infrastructure requires upkeep, which is expensive and often difficult to win support from the very communities that rely on it. With the recent major weather events, the state of our infrastructure and our responsibility to both maintain and improve it is important now more than ever.

So let’s talk about it.

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Photo Highlights from Urban Garden Party

On October 1, we held our most successful Urban Garden Party Fundraiser yet! We gathered with our supporters to celebrate the Los Angeles River and the leadership that’s paved the way. We cannot thank our sponsors and attendees enough for helping us exceed our goal and have a heck of a good time! The funds raised will enable us to continue our work on the Los Angeles River! There are lots of amazing photos from the evening, but we’d like to highlight just a few below. Enjoy! 


This Urban Garden Party event was our most successful yet!

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October River Roundup

Whew! What a month it’s been already! This past weekend, we gathered with supporters to celebrate the LA River and honor the leadership that’s paved the way for a better river for all. We cannot thank our attendees and supporters enough! We’re delighted to share we had our most successful fundraiser yet. The event was so much fun and we are so grateful for all the sponsors and attendees.

This month’s roundup includes news from all 51 miles of our great river including our piece on the recent LA River water advisory, a report on water recycling, and an update on G2. Give it a read and let us know if we missed anything in the news. Have feedback or suggestions? Send ‘em this way!


The 2017 Urban Garden Party This past weekend, we celebrated with our supporters and honored the leadership around the Los Angeles River! We’re already looking forward to next year. River LA

Bacteria Levels and a Petition for Healthy River Heal the Bay issued a water advisory for the Los Angeles River. Learn about this, and what this means for our river. River LA

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The 2017 Urban Garden Party

In just a few weeks, we’ll host our 7th Annual Urban Garden Party fundraiser. Just as our work, this event has progressed over the last seven years, from a small festival to our most important annual fundraiser. This year, we look to celebrate the wholeness of the LA River with our event theme River Beautiful + River Real. (Our take on the City Beautiful movement!)

We’re pretty excited and do hope you decide to join us. This fundraiser is our main event to build energy and resources for the work we do. Today, we want to share highlights of the event. If you’re ready to join us, RSVP here.


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ICYMI: Bacteria Levels and a Petition for Healthy River

Last week, Heal the Bay issued a water advisory, urging the public to avoid exposure to the waters of the Los Angeles River because of the bacterial pollution levels found in the water. While these levels had decreased minimally by Sunday, September 10th, they still recommend avoiding the water.

😬  Not the best, clearly.

But there’s actually a lot to learn from this moment. In this post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about what these water levels mean for you and your family. Read on to learn more, and sign our petition to stand with a healthy river for all of Southern California.

The Overview

Heal the Bay is a nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean. As part of their work, their scientists collect water quality samples every week at four spots along the LA River. They began doing this in 2015 and the results from the samples taken on Sept 6th in Sepulveda Basin were the most alarming yet.

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September River Roundup

With summer winding down and the school year gearing up, there has been a flurry of activities along the river! This month's roundup includes news from up and down all 51 miles of our great river. Give it a read and let us know if we missed anything in the news.


Homelessness and the LA River We consider the future wholeness of the Los Angeles River by digging into a variety of its issues in the societal, infrastructural, and political realms. This first segment is about homelessness along the LA River. River LA

RSVP for Our Annual Urban Garden Party Check out ticket and sponsorship information for our upcoming event. River LA

Free Download || Map of the LA River Download our map full of bike paths, community programming, and access points near you. River LA

Become a Bedrock Donor Peek inside River LA with our fun video about our most important supporters! River LA 

Nathan Cooke, Runner of the LA River's 51 Miles Meet Nathan, a designer with a passion for environmental stewardship, and a love for running. River LA

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Homelessness and the Los Angeles River

At River LA, we strive to explore and develop wholeness in our personal and professional lives. Because of this, we consider the future wholeness of the Los Angeles River by digging into a variety of its issues in the societal, infrastructural, and political realms. This first segment is about homelessness along the LA River. The intro was written by Jason Foster, our Director of Digital and Civic Engagement.

I moved to LA from New York City in 2012 after a couple of years working in affordable housing and advocacy for an organization in Brooklyn. When I arrived, I could not believe the amount of space LA has compared to New York. Instead of affordable housing developers and organizations competing over a limited number of empty parcels, LA presented an opportunity for organizations to work together to build a solution that included everyone. It may not feel like it during rush hour traffic, but the reality is, LA has 8,282 people per square mile compared to NYC’s 25,578 people per square mile. As someone that organized around housing in such a limited city, I was struck by the opportunities for the future of LA’s infrastructure.

Much of my previous work dealt with the same issues LA faces: a growing population, gentrifying neighborhoods, and a skyrocketing homeless population. While solutions to these problems aren’t always clear, the starting point is understanding the depth of the issues.

This post provides an overview of the homelessness issue in LA in the context of the river. Give it a read, and let us know your thoughts, questions, and ideas about the future of the river in the comments.

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Nathan Cooke, Runner of the LA River's 51 Miles

Meet Nathan Cooke, a designer with a passion for environmental stewardship, and a love for running. Nathan has set the ambitious goal to run all 51 miles of the Los Angeles River. Let that sit in: 51 miles! On August 20, Nathan will start in Canoga Park and run all the way to Long Beach in an effort to celebrate and bring awareness to the River and its future possibilities.


In order to complete the length of the River, Nathan will have to weave through side-streets and run directly in the water channel due to the gaps in the River’s pedestrian paths. His detached route calls attention to the need for a connected River corridor and pedestrian network. River LA’s Greenway 2020 campaign is a movement to connect all 51 miles of the Los Angeles River, from Canoga Park to Long Beach, by the year 2020. The Greenway goal is to provide key linkage for river-adjacent cities, improving quality of life and building a healthier and more resilient region. 

Nathan is all about goal-setting. He has previously run marathon distances and a 35 mile birthday run, but has never attempted the ambitious 51 mile goal. He will be joined by runners from the Skid Row Running Club, a nonprofit that hopes to empower the community and support participants to achieve positive life goals.

We asked Nathan some questions about why he’s running the LA River, which you can read below. If you’d like to show your support for the LA River and Nathan’s journey, make your contribution to River LA here

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Become a Bedrock Donor

Become a Bedrock Donor!

Our Bedrock Donors are a special circle of River LA supporters dedicated to unlocking the potential of the Los Angeles River. Bedrock Donors give a small (or large!) gift every month. This consistent donation empowers us to spend our time focusing on the river and less time on administrative costs. How neat is that?!

Gifts are charged automatically each month with the ability to change or suspend the donation at any time, making the donation process easier and more convenient. Plus, Bedrock Donors receive special benefits as a token of our gratitude for their continual support.

Becoming a Bedrock Donor is an impactful, hassle-free way to make your support for the River go further. Together, we can transform all 51 miles of the Los Angeles River and change the course of Los Angeles.

Sign up to be a Bedrock Donor today!

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