Daniel Postaer - River LA

Daniel Postaer Artist in Residence

Daniel Lee Postaer is an American artist/photographer.  Born in Chicago and raised in Southern California by a Chinese mother and American father, Daniel recently graduated with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2015 where he received the Fellowship in Photography.  

Postaer left an international marketing and entertainment career for the life-changing pursuit and craft of picture-making.  His work explores the ways in which humanity reconciles and resists modernity – across global booms, busts and the transitional spaces in between – as he addresses questions of capital, race/ethnicity, and historical belonging.  Postaer’s prints are wide-scale and of the hyper-moment; surreal scenes of everyday urban theatre.  These scenes, he describes, are roughly “eighty-percent non-fiction / twenty-percent fiction,” with as much interest in what a picture may never reveal.  Current projects include Motherland (Urban China), Boomtown (San Francisco), The Desert (Palm Springs), Wilshire Boulevard and The River (Los Angeles). 


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