Ignacio Lopez -- Public Engagement - River LA

Ignacio Lopez - Community Engagement

Ignacio grew up around the river and always saw it as a public space where he and his friends could gather and enjoy the open space.  He later served his country in the Marine Corps and upon completing his service was connected to the River LA via Mission Continues, a non-profit that transitions military back into civilian life.  

Ignacio is amazed at the work River LA is accomplishing in his own community and is excited to be a part of it.  As an active member in the community Ignacio often bikes, kayaks, runs, and explores along the LA River. 

In his role doing community engagement, Ignacio is responsible for reaching the community in a meaningful way to get them to see the beauty and potential of the Los Angeles River as he sees it through his own eyes.  He believes that the LA River will become a resource in Los Angeles for all Angelenos to explore and enjoy.

Prior to Ignacio spent the last 7 years in the United States Marine Corps serving his country and is excited return to his home town to make a difference and serve in his community.

Ignacio’s ideal weekend consists of long hikes and bungee jumping but he still enjoys tamer evenings with friend’s salsa dancing.

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