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I love the LA River because it's both the perfect metaphor and real opportunity to connect Los Angeles.

LA is a mosaic of cultures, languages and perspectives, more of which come together in this place at this time than anywhere else in history. We live adjacent to the ocean’s boundless horizon which infuses many of us with the sense of infinite possibilities we also share with the rest of the world through our media. At the same time, communication technologies are empowering individuals and groups everywhere with the ability to crowd source ideas on a grand scale. This is the stage upon which the LA River is re-entering our consciousness today! 

As the LA River weaves through every type of space, function and demographic on its 51 mile route from valley to sea, it has unique potential to transform our great city into an even greater city. Given the decentralized nature of LA and our current society, a project of this scale happens only if we work together through public and private partnerships. I also love that the LA River Revitalization is a network of interventions connecting existing series of places by catalyzing the development of new ones.

For decades I’ve been collecting examples of civic revitalizations from all over the world. Inspired by images of people celebrating life in beautiful and fun public places, I’m especially drawn to urban gardens and public art as expressions of this vitality and spirit. There is no doubt we need more of this in Los Angeles, which is why I'm supporting the efforts of the LARRC. Their mission is to develop catalyzing projects like La Kretz Bridge, Rio Vistas and Greenway 2020, which address the best of civic values: public health, social justice, community connections, environmental sustainability and venues for recreation!

I helped found the Navigator Society because The NYC Highline and so many other excellent civic improvements have been fostered by a group of enthusiastic and visionary citizens taking actions to make their city a better place. You can become a Navigator too and help support the LARRC’s mission to “Change the Course of LA”.

“Opportunity” is my word for the LA River. What’s yours?

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