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We Align Policy Along the River.

Nothing big happens without advocacy. Our principal focus is to make the transformation of the Los Angeles River tangible to the public by breaking ground on signature projects and to build broader support for the Los Angeles River cause. We are doing that through Greenway 2020.


We launched a campaign to create a continuous 51-mile greenway of active transportation and recreation along the LA River by the year 2020. Let’s create one of the longest urban river fronts and recreational arteries in the country! We have 329 days of sunshine in Los Angeles annually. Greenway 2020 will take advantage of every single one of them and the grey days too. 

Completing the Los Angeles River Greenway will require private and public entities to come together to connect the approximately 20 miles of gaps that exist along the 51 miles of the LA River. We’re in the planning and building stages to fill those gaps, working with everyone from the City of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, County of Los Angeles, Metro and the Army Corps of Engineers to local agencies like the various city departments. To get the project across the finish line, Greenway 2020 needs support from people like you who want a healthier, more vibrant and sustainable Southland.


What is Greenway 2020?

Greenway 2020 is a continuous 51-mile civic corridor that will run along a restored Los Angeles River. When it’s completed, it will offer one of the longest recreational arteries in the country. Greenway 2020 will connect communities along the river, all the way from Canoga Park to Long Beach. Think of a greenway as a cross between a “greenbelt” and a “parkway.” A greenway!

Why should Greenway 2020 be a public priority?

There’s too much potential to be squandered. We have the capacity to enhance the quality of life in a region hungry for green space and strengthen communities that live beside the Greenway.

How will I use Greenway 2020?

Imagine setting out from the San Fernando Valley on a Saturday morning for a bike ride, stopping for lunch in Atwater Village, and crossing through communities such as South Gate or Lynwood before ending up in Long Beach. Or getting a group together to explore the city of Los Angeles by canoe in its soft-bottom areas. Or putting on your running shoes and jogging a few miles without having to fight traffic. Or maybe just taking a stroll along the river before finding a cool spot for a picnic in the shadows of the urban skylines, in whichever section of our region you happen to be.

How do we make it happen?

Greenway 2020 is a huge undertaking. Think of it as our linear Central Park -- a grand public space that will redefine how we think of the Southland. Completing Greenway 2020 will require private entities and public bodies to come together. Greenway 2020 needs your support. Please tell your local City or County official of the importance of finding funds to connect the gaps. Build momentum of support for the river and Greenway 2020 within your neighborhoods and community organizations, and bring that momentum to river-adjacent and civically engaged private corporations and philanthropic institutions. Join hands with the other people like you who want a healthier, more accessible and fun Los Angeles River.


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