A Visit to STEAM Legacy High School

On June 6, River LA was invited to be a judge for Steam Legacy High School's first UN Sustainability Infographic Competition! Over the course of their English class, students researched and creatively designed solutions for pressing community issues including: Healthy Food Availability, Public Transportation, Green Space, Pollution, and Homelessness/Affordable housing. Each of the issues aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainability Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

Each student in five classes designed an infographic and then were grouped according to which issue they tackled. After choosing the best designs, each class voted for their favorite infographic to present to the judges. Each team demonstrated impressive research, innovative ideas, and eye-catching designs! The winning team did an amazing job presenting their infographic on addressing homelessness in Los Angeles. We're so proud and inspired by all of the students' ideas! 

Check out the winning infographic here!

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