River LA Joins High Line Network as Charter Member!


Release the balloons! We are thrilled to share our charter membership in the High Line Network. This peer-to-peer group launched by the Friends of the High Line includes 19 infrastructure reuse projects from across the continent, including River LA. The High Line Network will be the first of its kind to collect news on the growing field of infrastructure reuse, showcasing complex projects that can learn from one another. Each project in the network has a purpose to transform underutilized infrastructure into new urban landscapes to help communities reach their full potential.


As one of the 19 projects, River LA will illustrate our plan to rethink all 51-miles of the LA River, leveraging design and advocacy for thousands of acres of accessible open space. Using the High Line Network, River LA will have the unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other member organizations on best peer-to-peer practices to develop innovative public spaces. We are incredibly excited to be in the company of these innovative projects, and are eager to work together and engage others on how best to revitalize the present-day, channelized river into a healthy, resilient resource for all.

Get excited, folks! We are a part of a growing movement of infrastructure reuse projects transforming public space across the nation.

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