A Day at Carson High's ESET Open House


Last week we took an amazing tour of Carson High school via the wonderful student ambassadors of the Environmental Science and Engineering and Technology club. The students showcased the campus including what programs they are working on for the year. Our first stop was the campuses Edible Urban Forest complete with windmill that powers that collects water energy that distributes it to the whole garden to and chicken coop. How awesome is that?! Walking through the garden the students beamed on how hard they worked on the garden. They even disclosed how students spend multiple Saturday's cleaning and landscaping.  


We were taken around the campus and shown the technology lab which was undergoing wiring for all the new computers and the Robotics Lab. The robotics lab I must say was the coolest place on campus. Students had created an Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) using a 5 gallon water container, broom sticks, old nuts and screws, old PVC pipes, plastic bottles etc.  

The students have even created an underwater version of the ROV named the tidefighter. The Robotics Club even placed 4th in the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) competition in Long Beach. Check out the student built 3D printer! 



The LA River Corp is proud to support these wonderful students in all there sustainability endeavors. We want to see the underwater ROV take on the waters of the LA River.  Check out the students Facebook and twitter to connect with them or contact Tammy Bird, Lead ESET Academy Teacher at [email protected]








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