CicLAvia & LA Times Food Bowl join River LA for “A Seat At The Table”

"How we spend time together defines how we share space"

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We recently teamed-up with CicLAvia and LA Times Food Bowl for an enjoyable five-mile bike ride along the LA River Elysian Valley bike path and delicious meal featuring local cuisine for our “A Seat At The Table” event! During our visit, we heard stories about what the river means to LA County residents and what their hopes are for the river in the future.

“I remember when I first moved to LA 20 some years ago seeing the signs for the LA River and thinking that’s a river? My impression of it from a long time ago was that it was completely littered and filled with trash and from riding along it today it doesn’t seem like that’s the case at all.”

 Beth Szymkowski

           CicLAvia and LA Times Food Bowl "A Seat at the Table" Participant

Some of the participants shared a very real perspective that resonates with many of us when they said their view of the river wasn’t exactly what they saw and experienced during our bike ride. For example many shared that they either didn’t know a river existed so close to downtown Los Angeles and if they did know about the river they assumed it wasn’t a popular destination for friends and families to visit  -- so you can imagine how thrilled we were to bring people together to change the narrative and outlook on the river!

It was very powerful to see people walk away from our most recent “A Seat At The Table” event with for some of our participants was a new-found appreciation for the incredible resource the river is. And of course we loved hearing stories from our longtime river advocates and allies who were proud to share their connection to the river and the value it provides to our cities, neighborhoods and communities!

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