A new online resource for LA River information!

The River LA team has always endeavored to share information about the LA River to as many people as possible. Because there are so many incredible partners, projects, and businesses related to the LA River, the team realized that centralizing the information in one place like a website might make things easier for community members to get the information they need. Unfortunately, without the internal expertise or funding to create this community resource, this idea was saved for another time.

To our great delight, River LA was chosen this fall to participate in the 6 week Pro Bono Tech Program by Civic Innovation Lab. This opportunity allowed us to work with a team of professionals who could bring our vision to life. Over 6 weeks we discussed the challenges around finding information related to the LA River and how we could create an easy, adaptable website to help the LA River community. 

We’re proud to announce that is now live!  The website features a Directory, Help Center, Common Questions, and an Activities section for the entire 51 miles of the LA River! This is an ongoing project and we understand there is even more information to include on our new site. If you have information you would like to see or update at any time, please contact us! 

Explore the new website!

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.