Our Work With Gehry Partners

We've commissioned the acclaimed Los Angeles-based architect Frank Gehry and his team to conduct an independent, data-driven study of the water and other uses within the 51-mile L.A. River, and to create a digital toolkit to make this information accessible and useful for the public and policymakers. 

This work will connect and build upon current plans and projects already underway in the cities and countless neighborhoods along the river. 

To start, Gehry Partners are leading a robust, data-driven analysis of the entire Los Angeles River. Through their work, and the public engagement process, our community will be equipped to address the wide range of issues that impact the river -- issues such as hydrology, ecosystem services, infrastructure resilience, recreation, public health, affordability, equity, and quality-of-life.

Learn more about Gehry Partners' efforts, below:

River LA by LARRC

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