Prop P


Proposition P and Proposition 1 on the Nov. 4th ballot cover important quality of life topics - neighborhood parks and water quality, supply and infrastructure.


What is Proposition P?

“Prop P” supports local and neighborhood parks in 88 cities in Los Angeles County and allocates funds across the county with increased emphasis on projects that enhance water quality in the LA River, San Gabriel River, creeks, lakes and beaches. As if that’s not enough, the measure also protects water supply sources; projects in park poor areas; and projects that employ local youth. Every year more than 70 Million people visit parks in LA County, including their neighborhoods parks, and participate in park sponsored programs.

Prop P is an extension of the property tax funding from Proposition A, which expires in 2015, and can bring $163 Million to underserved communities, $244 Million to County beaches, $488 Million to County projects, and $81 Million for competitive grants.

Without Prop P, important park development would not occur, water conservation opportunities will be gone, critical repairs to existing infrastructure not made, and program funds lost.  We need Prop P to match funds generated by Proposition 1, particularly restoration of urban waterways and habitats.

What is Proposition 1? 



“Prop 1” provides 7.5 billion in funding, for the sustainable management of California’s water resources. If passed it will deliver sorely needed funds to protect California’s Watersheds, ensure clean drinking water for all Californians, increase uses of groundwater and stormwater, invest in our aging infrastructure, and increase regional self reliance. Though it is a Statewide measure, Prop 1 will make significant improvements to LA County’s water supply given its focus on improvements to local sources of water. We get over 30% of our water from local sources so it’s important to protect what’s in our backyard.

How will the funds be used?

Environmental Restoration: funds can be used to enhance and restore the LA River and and protect watersheds that are the source of our water.

Clean Drinking Water: cleaning up groundwater will provide additional water supply and ensure access to clean drinking water for disadvantaged communities.   

Drought Preparedness: Water use efficiency programs funded by Prop 1 will make better use of our limited water supplies.

Water Recycling: Re-use of our water is necessary to meet growing demand

Prop 1 and Measure P work together to provide a smart, effective solution for LA County residents to protect our water. Additionally, Measure P will improve LA County and its 88 cities eligibility for Prop 1 matching funds that would otherwise go to another county, and could further the amount of funds used on local water-related projects.

Together, these two measures will fund critical park and water projects and programs to maintain a reliable source of local water supply and prevent pollution of our local rivers, lakes, beaches and coastal waters. In this time of severe water shortage, Prop P and Prop 1 work together to protect our groundwater areas, surface waters, wetlands and beaches. We have no choice other than to focus on the capture and conservation of water runoff to recharge and replenish our water systems.


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