Rio Vistas: Coming to a Community Near You

Welcome to Rio Vistas!

Yesterday we unveiled our Rio Vista Pop Up Parks thanks to Anthem Blue Cross and our wonderful friends at Eco Media, iDMedia, LA Mas, and LA River School. Pop up Parks are privy to the LA River that serve as a mobile park structure that will travel from multiple neighborhoods and transform a street corner into an active civic space.

This colorful Rio Vista wall is actually a selfie wall.



The morning was an event filled one with students, volunteers, and supporters gathering at various river related work stations. At one station students helped put plants into premade planters on the park.  Another station was devoted to painting  a mural that student s from the LA River school created. While another was dedicated to making sign to place on bike paths along the river that read "Share the Path".



The Pop up Park comes complete with a see-saw too which was a hit. Many people took the opportunity to let out their inner child and have some fun! Our executive director Omar hopped on with the director of Eco Media for a few minutes of teetering.



The full pop up parklet has rocks and workout rings, umbrellas to block the LA sun, planters and fun noodles that act as "grass". There is also a chalkboard to write messages and play hangman and connect the dots. It really is an amazing site to take in and will be coming to to neighborhood near you!


Overall it was a great day of celebration. Rio Vista pop up parks are great addition to any neighborhood and will create wonderful active recreational space along all 51 miles of the river. The best part is that its mobile. Each slate breaks down and can be stored and moved to any location. Keep a lookout for the next River Corp event. You never now if the Pop Up Park will make an appearance.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.