The secret behind the Rio Vistas Project

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: the students of LA River High School have been planning the revitalization of the Los Angeles River. 

You heard that right! In 2013, we started the Rio Vistas project. 'Rio Vistas' are the 300 street-ends by the LA River that are public rights-of-way. Our goal is to transform these for recreational and environmental benefit. 

We are working with students to design and develop shovel-ready projects in Elysian Valley, where 27 streets dead-end into the river. And here's the great news: we received 1,000,000 dollars from Disney to develop our first three in the spring. 

In order to revitalize the Los Angeles River, it will take engineers, water specialists, organizers, the community, and most importantly: the creative minds of students in Los Angeles. 

The Rio Vistas Project will integrate neighborhoods with the river, open up access to bike paths, and make it a more beautiful place for the community to visit. 

To learn more about the Rio Vistas project, visit our Projects page

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