The Resilient Rio 51 Program

Teenagers in the U.S. have been reported to spend up to 9 hours PER DAY online and on their mobile devices.

In an effort to engage our future leaders, while emphasizing the urgency of action, River LA created the Resilient Rio 51 Program. RR51 is a result of our partnership with Outward Bound Adventures.

The Resilient Rio program 51 was a three-day experiential learning program that followed the Los Angeles River from headwaters to mouth, examining strategic locations, ecology, design, and history of the Los Angeles River. The program provides access to different environmental and recreational activities available along the 51 miles of the Los Angeles River for middle and high school students

Results from our 2018 pilot program include:

  • New Los Angeles River curriculum created to educate youth in the LA area
  • 5 high school aged participants in the program
  • Surveyed learning of LA River information and community knowledge
  • Access to working professionals in urban planning, design, and water quality field

Habitat and Species

The first module took students to explore the intersection between ecosystems and flood control by visiting three sites along the Los Angeles River: the headwaters, then Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, and the Sepulveda Wildlife Area.

Students participated in several learning exercises to solidify their understanding of the water cycle, watersheds, and the habitat of the Los Angeles River, as well as an in-depth tour of the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant.

Students were also led on an ecological scavenger hunt for flora and fauna and conducted water tests in the Sepulveda Basin.

History & Design

The second module combines of a hike along the LA River with exploration of parks along its banks. Students evaluate the history and design of the river itself and the adjacent public spaces, such as Lewis MacAdams Riverfront Park, Los Angeles State Historic Park, and Rio Los Angeles State Park.

This trip also features a presentation from Los Angeles State Historic Park Rangers to provide insight in how to begin a career focused on the LA River. Students also conduct site evaluations of the facilities, natural/man-made infrastructure, and available amenities for recreational and cultural/educational enrichment at parks along the river.

Rethinking the LA River

The third module explores present issues along the Los Angeles River, including site design, community participation, and environmental justice by challenging students to explore the impact of the river in their own community.

Students receive a presentation on the LA River Index, engaging in current LA River issues, and River LA’s mission and vision by River LA staff, including River LA CEO Angela Barranco.

This trip also includes boat ride to the mouth of the LA River, hands-on water quality testing, and a designcharrette to model the community design process.

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