We stand in solidarity against racism and inequality. Black Lives Matter.

River LA stands in solidarity with the fight against racism and inequality. We join in strong support of the Black Lives Matter movement and disenfranchised people globally who have suffered the dehumanizing effects of racial and economic injustice, alongside police brutality. The roots of racism have soured systems and institutions, adversely hurting communities of color and enabling disparities within our country.

In these challenging times, River LA supports awakening efforts that have galvanized the American public to demand social justice, amid a pandemic that has also disproportionately claimed the lives of people of color and affected their livelihoods.

This moment has caused us to pause, listen, and reexamine our role in the pursuit of equity.  We have been reflecting on the opportunity we have as a nonprofit organization to serve Los Angeles through our efforts to revitalize the LA River and neighboring communities.

We believe in a nourishing LA River, and our work seeks to sow seeds of inclusion, equity, and opportunity for all. We envision a river corridor that can be a destination for our communities to heal and thrive--supporting our culture, health, economy, and recreation.

River LA staff commit to serving with compassion and empathy, and as environmental justice stewards for all communities along the LA River, especially the underserved. We pledge to honor and champion Los Angeles’ diverse voices and needs to foster a healthy and vibrant riverscape through equitable planning, design, and development.

Together with our Board, we will continue to learn and grow, and lead conversations to promote further solidarity and social justice.

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